Tobias Alm

Tobias Alm is an artist working with Stockholm as his base. He has a Master of Fine Arts from Ädellab, Konstfack, Stockholm.

Tobias is known for his colourful jewellery made out of wood and textiles. Work from these series has been shown in many different countries these last years, at for instance Schmuck 2014 in München, and in From the Coolest Corner.

After Tobias received his Master Degree in 2014 his work has evolved radically. Tobias has adopted a research approach to jewellery as a subject, and challenged himself to step away from his habits and develop new working methods.


The Châtelaine, a new body of work from 2015

The Châtelaine is Tobias Alm’s most recent body of work. The project was initiated in 2015.

The Châtelaine is a continuation of Tobias’ investigation in the culture of the tool belt from a jewellery perspective.  The pieces of jewellery in this project are a kind of hybrids between the tool belt of today and a historical piece of jewellery called the châtelaine. They are composed out of fragments of used leather tool belts, combined with gilded silver elements made with repoussé and chasing techniques in a rococo style.

This new body of work is exhibited for the first time in a solo exhibition at Galerie Rob Koudijs in Amsterdam. The exhibition opens the 9th of January 2016.