Tobias Alm in the art magazine Konstnären

“Den samtida smyckeskonsten är undersökande och konceptuell, och inte alltid bärbar. KONSTNÄREN har träffat tre konstnärer som rör sig mellan konst- och modevärldar.”

This is the latest issue of the swedish art magazine Konstnären. The main article of the issue is about art jewellery, and Sofia Björkman, Carolina Gimeno and Tobias Alm are interviewed (in Swedish).

Read the whole interview online HERE

The texts are by Karolina Modig, photos by Margareta Bloom Sandebäck, design by Markus Edin and the cheif editor of Konstnären is Sofia Curman.

Tobias Alm in Kunsthåndverk


In their first issue of 2018, the norwegian magazine Kunsthåndverk published an extensive review of the exhibition Norm Form at Arkdes in Stockholm. The front and back of the magazine features The Tool Belt, a work by Tobias Alm.

The article is in Norwegian.

Interview in Art Jewelry Forum

“My process is a mix of both theoretical research and personal reflection/scrutinization, combined with material research, and a constant struggle with technical challenges. I try to pay close attention to reaching a high sensitivity in my technical solutions and material compositions.”

Adriane Dalton from Art Jewelry Forum interviewed Tobias Alm about The Châtelaine, and about his solo exhibition at Galerie Rob Koudijs in Amsterdam.

Read the full interview on the Art Jewelry Forum website