The Konstfack Degree Exhibition / 15 May 2014 - 25 May 2014

Tobias is showing his Master's Project at Konstfack

This years Konstfack Degree Exhibition is opening the 15th of May. The inauguration is at 4pm, by Vice-Chancellor Maria Lantz and Curator Johanna Karlin.

Address: LM Ericsons väg 14, Stockholm
Subway station: Telefonplan
Duration: 15 May – 25 May 2014
Opening hours: Mon–Fri 12pm–7pm, Sat–Sun 12pm–4pm

Tobias Alm about the work

“This project is rooted in the insight that the tool belt is a piece of jewellery, that has strong connections to the 18th century Chatelaine.
It explores the relationship between practical functionalities and adornment in body related objects. The work cocerns jewellery as a status- and affiliation marker, and how jewellery is used within gender- and power structures within society. By bringing the toolbelt into the sphere of jewellery I approch the issues of jewellery and masculinities from a new perspective.
The objects that I present work as instruments of self-analysis, that that can help me develop and redefine my practice as a jewellery maker.”

Professor Karen Pontoppidan about the work

“The exam work of Tobias Alm investigates normative thinking connected to the appearance of the human body in a cultural setting. This investigation touch upon clichés of male and female identity as well as the common use of artefacts designated to confirm or reject such identities. Not only does the work of Tobias Alm prove a strong engagement and interest for gender issues, the work also provide a profound insight into the use of objects as a mean of building normative identities within a society.”