Summer Series

Summer Series no 2, 2009
Wood, cotton.

Summer Series no 8, 2009
Wood, cotton, rubber, steel.

Summer Series no 9, 2009
Cotton, cibatool, leather.

Summer Series no 7, 2009
Cotton, cibatool, magnetite powder.

Summer Series no 6, 2009
Wood, cotton.

Summer Series no 5, 2009
Wood, cotton, steel.

Summer Series no 3, 2009
Wood, cotton, leather, steel.

Summer Series no 4, 2009
Wood, cotton, rubber, steel.

Ward Schrijver about the Summer Series

Tobias Alm is a young artist from Sweden who recently graduated from Ädellab Konstfack, the jewellery-section of the art academy in Stockholm that has so flourished in recent years. Alm is not one for poignant stories or personal confessions. His jewellery is all about materials: about weight, about sound. Alm’s work explores such phenomena as rhythm, contrast, colour, connecting. But it’s no bone-dry study of form: all his pieces are as sculptural as they are monumental. From matter alone, he strives for mysteriously inscrutable results. For the wearer and the observer, his jewellery lies somewhere between an invitation and a provocation. The reward? Adventures in unknown territory, unexpected beauty and, a promise for the future.