Platina 15 Years of Jewellery Art / 11 Sep 2014 - 14 Sep 2014

Gallery Platina in Stockholm celebrates its 15th anniversary.

Platina has since the start in 1999 run a missionary for jewellery art that matter, annoy and tickle – wearable and unwearable pieces that conveys ideas about what jewellery art is; gossiping jewellery that tells truths and untruths, gorgeous jewellery that fascinates, annoys and tickles, protesting jewellery, storytelling, chanting and enchanting jewellery. Every single piece has been chosen for its quality. Platina has during the years shown works from a large number of artists in almost 150 exhibitions and been working outside gallery with exhibitions, lectures, education and seminars. Platina is celebrating 15 years anniversary 2014. At Färgfabriken in September there will be an exhibition with works from 15 artists Platina has been working with during the years.



Tobias shows his Master Degree Project "The Tool Belt"

“The exam work of Tobias Alm investigates normative thinking connected to the appearance of the human body in a cultural setting. This investigation touch upon clichés of male and female identity as well as the common use of artefacts designated to confirm or reject such identities.

Not only does the work of Tobias Alm prove a strong engagement and interest for gender issues, the work also provide a profound insight into the use of objects as a mean of building normative identities within a society.”

– Professor Karen Pontoppidan